A recent book:

The Motive for Metaphor: Brief essays on poetry and psychoanalysis, published by Karnac Books, January 2016, and available from Karnac and on Amazon

A recent paper:

Mindfulness and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: a clinical convergence (co-authored with Peter Lin) in Psychoanalytic Psychology, (November 2014).  Mindfulness and Psychoanalytic psychotherapy.pdf

A co-authored book about and for suicide survivors:

Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide  (with Christopher Lukas) 1988, Scribners; Bantam, 1990,  paperback; 2nd Edition, Aronson, 1996; Revised Edition, Kingsley, 2007(Silent Grief has been published in Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese).  You can find the book on Amazon.

Papers on home:

On the longing for home. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 26, 2, (2009) [Link to PDF]

You can't go home again.  in Understanding and Coping with Failure: Psychoanalytic Perspectives,

Edited by Brent Willock, Rebecca Coleman Curtis, & Lori C. Bohm. Routledge (London) forthcoming

A paper (with Mark Seiden) on Hemingway and PTSD:

Ernest Hemingway's World War I Short Stories: PTSD, the writer as witness, and the creation of intersubjective community. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 30, 1, (2012)  [Link to PDF]

A paper on poetry and child psychotherapy:

Using collaborative poetry in child psychotherapy: the tale of the terrible rabbit . Int J. Of Applied Psychoanalysis, 4, (2007) [Link to PDF]

Some papers on psychoanalysis language and metaphor: 

On The “Music of Thought”: The Use of Metaphor in Poetry and in Psychoanalysis. 

Psychoanalytic Psychol. 21,4 (2004) [see paper]

On relying on metaphor: what psychoanalysts might learn from Wallace Stevens,

Psychoanalytic Psychology 21,3, (2004) [See paper]

Other papers:

Creating passion: an internet love story. J of Applied Psychoanal Studies 3/2 (2001)

The healing presence: the witness as selfobject function. Psychoanal Rev 83/5 (1996)

The healing presence, II: what the analyst says. Psychoanal Rev 84/1 (1997)

The narcissistic counterpart. Psychoanal Rev  76/1 (1989)

Essays on poetry and psychoanalysis:

in Psychologist-Psychoanalyst, the newsletter of the Division of Psychoanalysis of the American Psychological Association.  You can find these in the Newsletter Archives.  [See archives]

And essays on poetry and psychoanalysis in Division/Review: a quarterly psychoanalytic forum where I'm Poetry Editor. [See website.]


I write poetry as a serious amateur and have published in many journals and anthologies.  To see one of my poems--click here.


I’ve published a chapbook of called Tinnitus--which you can see on Amazon.

Family History:

I’ve edited and transcribed my great grandfather’s “diary.”  He arrived in this country as a Jewish immigrant from Western Poland in 1850 and had adventures in many American cites—and many successful children and grandchildren (of whom my mother was one).  This is his memoir—called a “diary” by his family. You can find it on the internet: Grandpa White’s Diary