A recent book:

The Motive for Metaphor: Brief essays on poetry and psychoanalysis, published by Karnac Books, January 2016, and available from Karnac and on Amazon

A recent paper:

Mindfulness and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: a clinical convergence (co-authored with Peter Lin) in Psychoanalytic Psychology, (November 2014).  Mindfulness and Psychoanalytic psychotherapy.pdf

A co-authored book about and for suicide survivors:

Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide  (with Christopher Lukas) 1988, Scribners; Bantam, 1990,  paperback; 2nd Edition, Aronson, 1996; Revised Edition, Kingsley, 2007(Silent Grief has been published in Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese).  You can find the book on Amazon.

Papers on home:

On the longing for home. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 26, 2, (2009) [Link to PDF]

You can't go home again.  in Understanding and Coping with Failure: Psychoanalytic Perspectives,

Edited by Brent Willock, Rebecca Coleman Curtis, & Lori C. Bohm. Routledge (London) forthcoming

A paper (with Mark Seiden) on Hemingway and PTSD:

Ernest Hemingway's World War I Short Stories: PTSD, the writer as witness, and the creation of intersubjective community. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 30, 1, (2012)  [Link to PDF]

A paper on poetry and child psychotherapy:

Using collaborative poetry in child psychotherapy: the tale of the terrible rabbit . Int J. Of Applied Psychoanalysis, 4, (2007) [Link to PDF]

Some papers on psychoanalysis language and metaphor: 

On The “Music of Thought”: The Use of Metaphor in Poetry and in Psychoanalysis. 

Psychoanalytic Psychol. 21,4 (2004) [see paper]

On relying on metaphor: what psychoanalysts might learn from Wallace Stevens,

Psychoanalytic Psychology 21,3, (2004) [See paper]

Other papers:

Creating passion: an internet love story. J of Applied Psychoanal Studies 3/2 (2001)

The healing presence: the witness as selfobject function. Psychoanal Rev 83/5 (1996)

The healing presence, II: what the analyst says. Psychoanal Rev 84/1 (1997)

The narcissistic counterpart. Psychoanal Rev  76/1 (1989)

Essays on poetry and psychoanalysis:

in Psychologist-Psychoanalyst, the newsletter of the Division of Psychoanalysis of the American Psychological Association.  You can find these in the Newsletter Archives.  [See archives]

And essays on poetry and psychoanalysis in Division/Review: a quarterly psychoanalytic forum where I'm Poetry Editor. [See website.]


I write poetry as a serious amateur and have published in many journals and anthologies.  To see one of my poems--click here.


I’ve published a chapbook called Tinnitus and a collection called Spaldeen.  And I have a chapbook called How I Became A Psychologist forthcoming, all which you can find on Amazon

Family History:

I’ve edited and transcribed my great grandfather’s memoir.  He arrived in this country as a Jewish immigrant from Western Poland in 1850 and had both business ventures and adventures in many American cites—and many successful children and grandchildren (of whom my mother was one).  He called his memoir his “diary.” You can find it on the internet: Grandpa White’s Diary